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The financial journey of one young family out of debt and into building real net worth

Setting Boundaries for Grandparental Spending

My in-laws came over to our house yesterday. Their visit was very tense as my wife and I had decided to begin confronting the issue of my mother-in-law’s spending habits, especially concerning our children. She is a spendthrift and she would rather spend every penny...

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I Just Paid a Stranger To Mail Me $29 Worth of Worms

Yes, you read that correctly:  I paid a stranger $29 to send me a pound of worms via Priority Mail.  But, you see, these aren’t just any ordinary worms. These are Eisenia fetida, otherwise known as Red Wigglers. Last week, I stumbled upon a post on DIY Life titled,...

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A Recession Could Do America Some Good

I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking… “How in the world could a recession be good?” A recession is a painful thing that nobody likes to go through. It’s an exercise in endurance and it’s all the more painful since we’ve had such outstanding growth since our...

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